CA Residents may submit requests to know the specific pieces of CA Personal Information collected about them or to have their personal information deleted by emailing us at or via the request forms available here (for right to know specific pieces of CA Personal Information collected) and here (for deletion). We will only be able to honor such requests for CA Residents whose identities we can verify. Registered Site users making a request via the online request form will be required to verify their identity with their User ID. Registered Site users making requests via email will be required to provide additional information relating to their account (e.g., information contained in their account profile) and/or be directed to log into their account in order to verify their identity. For non-registered Site users, the CA Personal Information collected is limited to Other Information (see Section 3). We do not have any reasonable way to verify the identity of a non-registered CA Resident making a right to know specific pieces of information or deletion request with respect to this information. The right to request deletion of CA Personal Information does not extend to any personal information contained or displayed within a Posting on the Site, as such postings are the protected free speech of the Site user who made the Posting.

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