$100,000 Fortnite Tournament Winner Ceice and Samsora's Ultimate Peach - Cheddar Sports 1/8/19

January 8, 2019
WSOE 3 may have been another Fortnite tournament with an unexpected item dropping the day of - but that didn't stop the determination and consistency of Gankstars' Ceice, who took home first place at the event with partner Elevate. Ceice stops by to talk his rapid rise through the ranks of competitive Fortnite and what to expect next for the game. Then, the founders of New Jersey gaming center Helix Esports join us to talk founding a LAN center in this day and age - and after that, eUnited's newly signed Samsora talks the early Smash Ultimate meta and his incredible losers run at Smash Conference United in Florida.
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