Seeking Alpha Author Ryan Surber makes his predictions for the 2017 holiday shopping season! He believes that for the first time, consumers will break that $1,000 barrier in spending. However, the National Retail Federation predicts people will spend on average $967. He talks about his long-term positive outlook for Macy's and Nordstrom. It's been mentioned by a few outlets that Macy's real estate could actually be worth more than its share price. For this reason, Surber believes it's a potential takeover or buyout target for a company like Amazon, which has shown the public it's willing to invest in brick-and-mortar with the purchase of Whole Foods. He also thinks that Sears may be a contender to buy Macy's sometime in the future. When it comes to Nordstrom, its "Nordstrom Rack" stores seem to be a big hit and a key player for its bottom line, according to Surber. He cites that even after the holiday season, people still need wardrobe improvements and replacements. He believes Nordstrom has a strong online game, as well as a solid hold on its traditional retail arm. Some losers in the game? Surber says lines at JCPenney are diminishing this year.