Daniel Bader, Managing Editor of Android Central, and Zac Hall, Editor at 9to5Mac, join The Long and The Short to discuss the hottest gadgets this holiday season. Bader believes the Google Home Mini will make a big splash, seeing as it's the cheapest A.I. powered device on the market. He also says it sounds pretty good for the size and looks better than Amazon's Echo Dot. Many retailers have deeply discounted the device to under $30. He believes this is the one device product that will get in the homes of everyone in America. Unfortunately for some, Apple has delayed its first smart speaker device, the HomePod, until 2018...totally missing this holiday season. Hall believes this won't hurt the company's bottom line, but it looks bad for Apple's smart speaker division. It's a little pricier than other smart speakers, but if you're in that Apple ecosystem, it's the best answer to Amazon's Echo or Google's Home. A good replacement for the Apple HomePod is the Sonos speaker. Especially after Google Home Mini had reports of privacy issues when it was first released. Sonos speaker now has Alexa support and runs for $200.