2018's Hottest Tech Toys

February 20, 2018
9mo ago

The Toy Insider's Jackie Breyer joins Cheddar to reveal the most tech-forward toys from the American International Toy Fair. She highlights the many ways AR, VR, A.I., and drones are being used to craft the next big toy fad.

Breyer shows off a new model from K'NEX that lets kids ride their creations in a VR experience. We also learn about SeeMeez, the new virtual friends that introduce children to the fun of holograms. Plus, find out how Marvel is capitalizing on the AR trend with a new Iron Man immersive toy.

Breyer says the "gross" trend dominated the Toy Fair. She reveals the different "disgusting" toys that are sure to have kids updating their holiday wish-lists next year. We also find out how smartphone integrations are affecting the price tags on this year's coolest toys.