Jarrod Dicker, WaPo’s former VP of innovation and commercial, learned one trick from business magnate Jeff Bezos that’s propelled his career: focus on what you know how to do best, and don’t worry about the competition.

“Two times the experimentation equals two times the innovation,” Dicker said in an interview with Cheddar. “Really doubling down on what we believe in and getting the right people to do that with you opens up a new wave of opportunities.”

Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, bought the Washington Post in 2013 and his influence there is strong. Dicker said that during his tenure, he saw the effects of “Bezosism” on employees’ thought processes.

Dicker took that knowledge to his current company Po.et, a blockchain-supported content platform.

“At the Post we built a team called RED, which was Research, Experimentation, and Development, that focused on building new technologies and licensing them to help build a better economy for all media companies,” he said. “The reason I left to do this is because this is a direct follow of the work that I’ve done there and what I could do next.”

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