A Holiday Guide to Sparkling Wine

December 14, 2017

Christmas tree lights aren't the only things sparkling this holiday season. Martini & Rossi's ambassador Colin Asare-Appiah joins Cheddar with a guide on all things sparkling wine. He explains why champagne isn't the only variety of bubbly you should be popping this holiday season.

The cocktail expert walks us through the differences between the many varieties of sparkling wine. From Rosé, to Asti, to Spumante, he explains which types make the most sense for which occasions. He also shares a cocktail recipe that's perfect for your office holiday party.

Then, Asare-Appiah reveals how the sparkling spirits sector is competing against the champagne industry. We also get a guide on when it makes sense to serve your bubbly over ice. Finally, the brand ambassador explains how to properly hold a glass of sparkling wine.

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