Jack Hunter, editor of Rare Politics. and Jarad Geldner, senior adviser for the Democratic Coalition, discuss Washington's busy week. They cover everything from what could be a government shutdown on Friday, to the RNC's endorsement of Roy Moore, to the Senate's recent passing of tax reform.

We dig into the rescheduling of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's meeting with the President. The two top democrats will argue for a fix for both CHIP and DACA in the budget. Jarad discusses the overall feeling in Washington as tense ahead of Friday's spending deadline.

Jack weighs in on the RNC's recent embrace of Roy Moore, alleged child sex offender and Alabama candidate for Senate. Hunter notes that the alleged behavior is deplorable, and no one should be dismissing it. Jack also discusses why some Senate Republicans, like John McCain, suddenly jumped on board tax reform. He points out that the number one concern of the Republican party has always been taxes, which is why they were able to pass it as easily as they did.