Coca-Cola is having its first investor day since 2009. John Murphy, President of the beverage maker's Asia Pacific Group, joins Cheddar from the event in Atlanta to discuss the future of the business. He says specifically he's focused on growth in the Asia Pacific region since the ready-to-drink beverage industry is expected to grow by $50 billion over the next three years. Staying in that region, Murphy says it has some of the most diverse consumers in the world. Right now, they are equally interested in hot and cold drinks. They are very conscious of health trends and are into more natural drinks right now. In India, the consumers are most interested in juices, since the country is the largest fruit producer in the world. Murphy says he wants to develop more sweet and unsweetened teas in the region. There were rumors swirling that Coca-Cola may get into the adult beverage industry, but Murphy quashes those, saying it's just not something the company is focused on right now. And when it comes to the fight against the soda tax, Murphy says it's not just in America! Other countries are trying to instate similar laws, and Coca-Cola is working on a way to bring prices down for customers...but it's still fighting back against the tax itself.