With New Year's celebrations just days away, it may be time to brush up on your wine knowledge. Joey Letchinger, Founder of sommelier-owned wine concierge Wine Larder, was with us to explain how his company assists people looking for a wine-filled lifestyle.

Letchinger breaks down how he helps consumers get the most out of their wine experiences. To do so, his company finds wines from around the world at all price points and in every style. He also discusses how Wine Larder appeals to the millennial wine drinker. For those on a budget, there are plenty of interesting wines that fall within an affordable price range, he says.

We’ve seen shifting consumer tastes in beer, and now we are seeing it in the wine sector too. Letchinger says the idea of natural wine has increased in popularity, because consumers don’t want mass-produced wines. Millennials are the driving force behind the movement demanding how the wine is made, he adds.