By Conor White

"Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner's new anthology series for Amazon, "The Romanoffs," is about far more than Russia's last royal family, according to one of its stars.

"As I said to Matthew when I was doing this, I have to bone up on the Romanoffs," actor Aaron Eckhart said in an interview on Cheddar.

"And he said, 'Well, not really, because it really has nothing to do with the Romanoffs.'"

The family consisted of Tsar Nicholas II, his wife, and five children. After Russia's February Revolution of 1917, Nicholas II abdicated the throne and was later executed with the rest of his house. Within the last 30 years, all the bodies have been discovered and identified through DNA testing. Despite that evidence, whispers remain that one of his children, most likely Anastasia, escaped the killings. (The tsar's youngest daughter inspired the popular animated film, "Anastasia," which was recently turned into a musical.)

The Amazon ($AMZN) series features a different cast in each of its eight episodes, which are all linked by some sort of connection to the famous family ー be it real or fabricated.

Eckhart said it's the relationships between the show's characters ー whether directly linked to the royals or not ー that makes the show special.

"The magical part of the show is that it has thematics, and it has through lines with the Romanoffs," the Golden Globe nominee said. "But it's all these different scenarios with different people all over the world."

The series is creator Weiner's return to television after his seven-season run with "Mad Men" ー the highly-acclaimed show garnered two Golden Globes for "Best Drama Series" and eight Primetime Emmy awards.

It was Eckhart's first time working with Weiner, and he said the experience was "educational, interesting," and "fascinating,"

"It's very surprising and striking and bold. It takes a real genius to figure this all out," Eckhart added.

In the age of binge-watching, Amazon has made the choice to release one episode per week after releasing the first two episodes simultaneously on Oct. 12.

Eckhart is a fan of the move and called it "more traditional." But he admitted he has binged his way through at least one classic series.

"I did binge-watch 'Friends'," he said.

"'Friends' is a very good show."

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