Forget too many cooks in the kitchen; when it comes to brewers, it's the more the merrier. ZX Ventures' Jerome Pellaud tells us about Agora, the community of brewers sharing their knowledge and love of beer. It's a new project from AB InBev allowing its craft brewers to keep each other updated on their experimentation with new flavors and techniques.

Pellaud tells us what's behind the strength of the craft beer industry. It's something he knows a thing or two about; eight ZX Venture breweries just came home winners from The Brussels Beer Challenge. He tells us what the champion brews all have in common.

Then, we discuss some of ZX Ventures' newest acquisitions and products. The group just bought Australia's 4 Pines Brewery. But it's not just beers themselves, ZX also just acquired a popular homebrew supply company called Northern Brewers.