Anheuser-Busch InBev is paying up to air a commercial during the Super Bowl ー and the ad will do more than push the company's Natural Light beer. For the second year running, AB is attempting to address some of the $1.5 trillion worth of college debt in the U.S. "We wanted to do something to help people remember college for the great stories, the great memories they make, not the burden that oftentimes follows," Daniel Blake, senior director of U.S. Value Brands at AB InBev, told Cheddar. The company is running a contest that will ultimately contribute $10 million in 10 years to help relieve student debt for the some 44 million Americans that carry it. "Certainly, when you're 21, Natty wants to be there later in your college life, but college debt is an issue that affects people of all ages," Blake said. "It's not just a young person's issue."