You're never too old to learn a thing or two about adulting. Whether it's doing your taxes, paying your bills, or cooking dinner, the adulting to-do list is always growing longer. Actress and comedian Abby Elliott joins Cheddar to discuss her partnership with Swiffer, and how it's helping her to clean up after herself and others. Elliott tells us all about her most-recent projects. She just wrapped a three-season run on Bravo's scripted series "Odd Mom Out." Even though it's cancelled, she says she'd be eager to see it return on a streaming service. She also looks back at her four seasons on Saturday Night Live. She reveals which Trump Administration official she wishes she could impersonate, and weighs in on the scandal surrounding Senator Al Franken. Finally, we put Abby to the test in a game of "Are You Adulting?" She completes a multiple-choice quiz on all things adulting, from healthcare to cooking to taxes. The quiz proves no one is truly an expert on growing up.