Ad Platform CEO: Every Streaming Platform is Competing to be Second to Netflix

March 8, 2019

By Chloe Aiello

There's room for exactly three streaming platforms in a household ー and Netflix has the first spot on lock, according to Mark Douglas, CEO of digital display advertising platform SteelHouse.

"Netflix is the first one that commonly everyone chooses, so the real competition is who is number two and three," Douglas said. "But Netflix is number one and they're not giving up that spot anytime soon."

That means the tech giant shouldn't have too much trouble finding a new chief marketing officer. After six years at the company, Netflix CMO Kelly Bennett told Variety on Thursday he will step down. Bennett shepherded the company through a period of massive growth, and was instrumental in building the brand it is today.

Netflix is "an incredible juggernaut and he basically was a huge part of building that. I think it is a blow, but they obviously, every CEO in America is going to want this job," Douglas said.

When it comes to attracting talent, like a new CMO, Netflix's culture also gives it an edge.

"Netflix has an interesting advantage ー they have one of the most admired corporate cultures in the world," Douglas said. "I live in Hollywood. You don't hear that about Disney."

Disney and streaming rivals Hulu and HBO are among those competing to be second and third to Netflix when it comes to U.S. streaming dominance, Douglas said. The competition between HBO and Netflix heated up this week when incoming CEO Bob Greenblatt, who was just tapped for the role Monday, told NBC that Netflix "doesn't have a brand. It's just a place people go to get anything."

Blogger, entrepreneur, and CEO of Glitch, Anil Dash clapped back at Greenblatt, tweeting: "As evidenced by the famous phrase, 'HBO and Chill.'"

Douglas agreed: "That's HBO trying to catch up."

"Netflix's brand is 'Netflix and Chill' ー just an incredible amount of content available to you anytime on-demand and it's nonstop," he added.

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