Technology moves fast and doesn't wait for anyone. New digital innovations such as cloud computing have forced businesses to adapt quickly in order to keep up with innovation. Jason McDonald, U.S. President for Contino, a consulting firm helping brands adopt new tech, was with us to chat about how businesses are responding to rapid changes in technology.

McDonald breaks down the challenges for moving data to the cloud. He points out that 70% of digital transformation projects will fail in 2018, according to a recent study. The key failure is not bringing the right personnel into the system, he says. McDonald names the healthcare sector as a laggard because of moving regulations and calls out the government for being even farther behind.

It's hard for companies to ignore headlines around cybersecurity breaches. Contino is working to mitigate concerns about those threats and help businesses plan for the future. McDonald says it's less of a "software and tech" conversation, and more of a "people and process" conversation.