Calvin Iverson, Public Relations Manager at TravelPirates, discusses the company's unique way of finding consumers the best travel deals. He also weighs in on how pop culture influenced some of the year's biggest travel trends.

Iverson tells us TravelPirates' top trends for 2018. Chile, Morocco, and the Azores in Portugal are at the top of the list. Iverson talks about how TravelPirates helped him book a trip to Morocco. Cheddar host Tim Stenovec weighs in on the Azores, where he went on his honeymoon.

Iverson talks about some of the biggest films of the year and how they are increasing travel to certain parts of the world. Oscar-nominated "Call Me By Your Name" was filmed in Northern Italy. Ever since the movie was released, people have become increasingly interested in traveling to Northern Italy. The animated film "Coco" highlights parts of Mexico that Iverson bets will see an uptick in travel.