In the latest episode of Your Cheddar, hosts Kristen Scholer and Brad Smith break down the top stories of the day. Twitter wants to make it easier for users to know who's behind political ads on its site. All content will have to be labeled with information about who bought them and how much they cost. Plus, the Republican-led Senate narrowly voted Tuesday to repeal a rule that would allow class action lawsuits against banks and credit card companies. Then, Barry Choi, Personal Finance & Budget Travel Expert at "Money We Have," chats about affordable travel. He encourages people to plan vacations well in advance and avoid traveling on very busy days, such as Christmas. He also talks through the differences between booking an Airbnb vs. a regular hotel and how millennials have impacted the travel industry. Hint: they really like eating and Instagramming! Plus, are you in a relationship where one person has more debt than the other? Mandi Woodruff, Executive Editor of Magnify Money, joins Your Cheddar to give tips on how to tackle debt within a marriage.