From getting high at the Kremlin, to singing onstage at the Grammy Awards, to drinking out of the Stanley Cup, Craig Schmell had a knack for talking himself into anything and anywhere. He stops by Cheddar to discuss his new book, "The Uninvited," and how his wild life experiences set him on a path to self discovery and recovery. Today, Schmell is 27 years sober and says he wrote the book to share his story about learning to understand who he really is. He reveals, "When I was doing these things I was lost. It was about escape for me." Schmell tells us how important he thinks it is to share his story with the world in the hopes it inspires others in need of help. Schmell tells us how he was able to smoke marijuana inside the Kremlin. He recounts a story of travelling to Moscow with friends in the eighties, selling denim for Rubles, and smoking pot he received in an envelope, before marching in the May Day Parade. He also gives the inside story of how he wound up on stage at the Grammy Awards with Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.