Two weeks after Logan Paul's video surfaced featuring an apparent suicide victim, YouTube is taking action. Polygon's Julia Alexander and Rooster Teeth's Jon Risinger join Cheddar to discuss YouTube's next move and more from the media world. Alexander weighs in on whether she thinks the video platform went far enough in its punishment, and if the controversy will result in more editorial oversight for YouTube.

Nintendo surprised fans by announcing the new games coming to the Switch in 2018. Risinger says the new slate proves the gaming giant is doubling down on nostalgia. After 2017 saw the Switch become the world's fastest-selling console thanks to Zelda and Mario games, the host says it makes sense that they would continue with this strategy.

Finally, we break down some of the biggest Marvel headlines of the week. The studio found a writer for a standalone "Black Widow" movie, but Risinger isn't so sure this means we'll ever see it in theaters. Plus, after an ABC exec implied the network will cancel "Inhumans," we discuss what the show's failure means for the studio's upcoming TV projects.