By Brian Henry

When the reboot of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series "All That" was announced, fans were assured that they could expect cameos from original cast members like Josh Server and Lori Beth Denberg. But what about the classic theme song performed by none other than 90's favorite, TLC?

Star of the original "All That" and executive producer, Kel Mitchell, assured Cheddar that the song is here to stay.

"It's been all over the internet, everybody is going crazy. I'm going to say it right here, right now. The song is staying."

There's a good reason that the brains behind the new version of the show are performing a bit of fan service. Mitchell told Cheddar it was fans who were responsible for bringing the show back.

"The fans brought it back. You know, everywhere we go they still talk about it. I get stopped at a red light and people want me to do 'Welcome to Good Burger.' They brought it back man and they're introducing it to their kids. I had a show called 'Game Shakers' that was on Nickelodeon as well," he said. "Depending on who you ask, I have parents that love me from the 90's and then their kids that love me on the current stuff. We just had to bring all that back."

Mitchell will serve as executive producer along with original cast member, Kenan Thompson. Thompson rose to fame with Mitchell on the original series and the sitcom "Kenan and Kel," before going on to break the record for the longest-tenured cast member on "Saturday Night Live." Mitchell said it was it was easy for the two to get back into the swing of things.

"Its like riding a bike. This is my homie, this is my brother. Every time we get together its hilarity, the creativity is just flowing. we get right back into it."

Mitchell told Cheddar it's been a thrill to watch the new cast take over.

"Its crazy. We were just driving through the New York streets in the 'Good Burger' car. Keenan and I were just sitting there, like this so surreal. That people still enjoy it. These seven new kids looking like how we were back then, with that joy in their eye. Its so awesome," Mitchell said.

The producer added that there will be plenty of opportunity for fans of the original series to see their favorite characters in action.

"We thought about it and we were like, ok we have this built in fan base from the 90's. But then we have this new generation and a new cast that we want to introduce. We're mixing a lot of it together. We're of course going in there and playing with the kids as well. You'll see some Ed, you'll see some Coach Creighton."

A few famous fans even made their own personal request before agreeing to appear on the premiere, such as The Jonas Brothers appearing in the first episode slated for June 15. "They said they wouldn't do it unless they were in a 'Good Burger' sketch. It's awesome. They had a great time!"

Mitchell is hopeful that the new series will give families an opportunity to spend more time together. "We're bringing family television back together. Everybody's not gonna be in different rooms watching television anymore, they're gonna come and watch it for different reasons," he said. "'All That' is bringing the family back."