By Christian Smith

Car-sharing and ride-hailing companies have changed the way we get around ー and now they're about to change the way we buy car insurance.

In an interview with Cheddar at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nev., Allstate ($ALL) CEO Tom Wilson said that simply insuring your car will become a thing of the past, since many consumers are increasingly ditching the buy-and-drive model.

Since many Americans will continue to drive cars they don't actually own, Wilson said insurance will need to reflect that reality.

"What's going to happen in the future, I think it's going to be split," Wilson said.

"Insurance right now follows the car," he said. "But you should have insurance for what you do as a driver."

The dual insurance model to which Wilson is referring doesn't mean insurance costs will necessarily rise. According to Wilson, Allstate tracks 8 billion miles of data a month, which the company is using to give customers more accurate pricing relative to their driving records without any guesswork.

As is, the car insurance industry was built on a personal transportation system that is "really inefficient, and it needs to be changed," Wilson said.

"We see it as an opportunity, not a risk," he said of the challenge ahead to adapt his business.

Allstate also launched a new expansion of the insurance company's identity protection product that will help customers track their digital footprints. The new feature will allow users to see who is tracking their data, send alerts when those groups have been hacked, and help determine a way to delete data from those third parties ー all of which Wilson said will help give power back to the consumer.

"We've traded away our individual information without really knowing what it's worth," Wilson said. "What we're trying to do is empower the customer to take control of their digital life."

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