This year has seen a number of tech giants like Snap, Cloudera, and Roku, make the jump into public markets. Meanwhile, one lesser-known company, Alteryx, which made its IPO in March, is quietly raking in the gains. Dean Stoecker, CEO of Alteryx, an analytics platform for enterprises, joined Cheddar to explain what’s clicking for his company.

The company's stock is up significantly from its IPO price of $14 a share. Stoecker explains how Alteryx's uncoventional path to IPO set the analytics company up for a strong start. He says raising money is a weakness, not a strength. That's why it took him 14 years to take in investments, and 20 years to move into the public spotlight.

Stoecker says Alteryx is bringing the thrill back to analytics. The company has a giant list of customers, including Walmart and Boeing. The CEO breaks down how Alteryx is looking to change the way these companies interpret data.