Super Bowl champion Amani Toomer weighs in on Roger Goodell's decision to uphold the 1st Amendment and not force players to stand for the National Anthem. Toomer thinks the league is handling the situation well and points out that an employer doesn't have a right to own players' patriotism. The former New York Giant says forcing athletes to stand would put us on the "wrong side of history" and that it would be the un-American move. Toomer also points out that the president's criticisms of NFL players may have actually galvanized them to make a statement by kneeling. Toomer also talks about Colin Kaepernick and whether there has been collusion by the NFL owners to keep him out of the league. The former 49er started the league protests last year and has been unable to find a new team now. "He's definitely being blackballed," says Toomer, but whether he can prove it is another story.