Which do you prefer, the Amazon Fire TV or the Roku? Dana Wollman, Executive Editor at Engadget, joins Cheddar to give us her opinion. She says the two are comparable in many ways: both offer 4K HDR video and are similar when it comes to performance and content selection. Both cost $70. However, she says Roku is easier to set up and easier to use. She encourages people to buy it for a friend or family member who may be a little less "tech-savvy." As far as voice commands, Wollman says Alexa software within the Fire TV device is so much more sophisticated than any other voice recognition service. Your Echo can even activate the Fire TV with your voice. Roku, meanwhile, has voice search but isn't nearly as far along as Alexa is. She also talks about the importance of brand loyalty...or lack thereof. She thinks the brand matters less and less as more devices enter the market.