Nineteen-year-old Harvard sophomore Amanda Gorman is America's first National Youth Poet Laureate. She joins Cheddar to discuss her historic position, and why she considers herself a "unicorn." Gorman tells us how she earned her title and why she thinks poetry can go a long way toward healing divisions. Gorman has quite the impressive resume. She's read her poetry for Hillary Clinton, served as a youth delegate to the United Nations, and published her first book. But she's looking to add to her list of accomplishments by launching a run for The White House in 2036. She reveals what's on her campaign platform and why she's campaigning already. Finally, Gorman shares a live reading of one of her acclaimed poems. She reads "Daughter’s Metro Map to City Identity," a look at her own geographic, gender, and racial identities. Gorman focuses much of her work on social and autobiographical issues, and tells us why.