Ana de la Reguera on Building Her "Goliath" Hollywood Career

March 5, 2018
Updated 8mo ago

Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera has built a career for herself in Hollywood, doing everything from comedy to drama. She sits down with Alyssa Julya Smith in Los Angeles to talk about her upcoming starring role in the Amazon series, "Goliath."

"Goliath" follows Billy McBride, played by Billy Bob Thornton, who was once a powerful lawyer, but is now an ambulance chaser. Billy reluctantly agrees to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the massive law firm he helped create.

de la Reguera says working with the Golden Globe-winning actor was such a great experience, it made her forget she was acting. Hollywood heavyweight David E. Kelley produces "Goliath," which is set to return to Amazon this summer.