Andy McElfresh Creates Book Full of Fun Scientific Fact to Impress Your Friends

March 6, 2018

Based on his hugely popular podcast "Edumacation," Andy McElfresh decided to turn the fun fact podcast into a book. McElfresh, who is a science aficionado, sits down with Alyssa Julya Smith to talk about some of the most interesting facts in the book and why he decided to put it on the printed page.

He explains that the book is basically a crash course in cocktail-party science with hilarious, strange and astonishing scientific facts perfect for sharing at all your social gatherings. He wants people to be knowledgeable and know a bit about a variety of topics. He says he wants to encourage people to be interested in the world and be curious.

McElfresh also talks about the idea of fake news and how that relates to science. He explains that in science it's not about not liking the information or results, it's about accepting what is fact when it comes to science. The compendium of myth busters, facts and science-y banter is broken up into the Four Chambers of Knowledge—The Sci, The Fi, The Why, and The Bye.