World-renowned chef, author, producer, and television personality Anthony Bourdain joins Cheddar to discuss the latest installment of his digital show "Raw Craft," sponsored by The Balvenie Whiskey. Bourdain talks why it's important in this age, when everyone wants instant gratification, to do a show about a group of people that work with their hands and take time to perfect their particular trade. We also discuss the relationship between Bourdain and The Balvenie and how this partnership works for the both of them, given Bourdain's love of the particular content and his love of the company's whiskey. Bourdain also weighs in on the future and the importance of digital content as one reason for why he believes in the show. Bourdain talks meal-kits, adding that although he has never tried one, he believes that whatever gets people in the kitchen cooking is a good thing. We also ask Bourdain about his recent comments on sexism in Hollywood. Bourdain's current significant other, Asia Argento, has accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. He talks about the "complicity" of some men who chose not to speak up about Weinstein when they knew about his behavior and how it is now important to change the conversation around sexism and sexual assault.