Apple is reportedly moving some employees into the famous Culver Studios, where "Gone With the Wind" was filmed, in order to expand its original content department. Gene Munster, Managing Partner at Loup Ventures, says the company's original content budget will expand to $5 billion in the next few years. He explains why Apple wants to offer original content to give customers an all-you-can-eat buffet of music and video. And will Apple start bundling products? Munster says there is a 10% chance it does, but he highly doubts it. Additionally, what does the man who, in a former life, was the number one Apple analyst in the country predict for Apple's September 12th event? He says he's looking at the wearables. Plus, Roku has filed its $100 million IPO...will it be successful? Munster is a bear on the company and doesn't predict it has the stamina to survive going public.