Apple Products Top the List of Unwanted Items in 2018: Decluttr CEO

Photo Credit: Oleksiy Maksymenko/imageBROKER/Shutterstock
January 7, 2019
Updated 2mo ago

By Samantha Errico

Apple has topped the charts once again ー but this time it's on buy-back site DeClutttr's list of 2018's most unwanted items.

The iPhone 7 may have been the company's most traded-in item last year, but according to Anthony Catterson, DeClutttr's president and CEO, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

"I think it says that Apple has created a fantastic sustainable value in their devices that allows a company like ours to buy them, refurbish them where required, and sell them to other consumers," Catterson told Cheddar Monday. "So what they're actually doing is building devices that last so well that they will move on to customer two and customer three over a period of a number of years."

He added that the iPhone and iPad were the two best-selling products on Decluttr.

The iPhone 7 was first released roughly two years ago, and since then, six different models have hit the market, including the most recent iPhone XR.

"People used to trade their phones in every 18 or 24 months. Now we're finding that's extending from 24 months to 28 ー and, in some cases, 36 months ーas people begin to tighten their belts," Catterson said.

Last week, Apple ($APPL) stock plummeted after it announced it cut its revenue forecast, in part due to fewer iPhone upgrades.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 ranked in the #2 spot as consumers upgrade to the latest Android phones. That was followed in third place by the Nintendo Wii as gamers buy new consoles including the Nintendo Switch.

Accompanying the year's most traded-in products were pop culture's biggest rejects, "the most unwanted media." Drake's "Views" earned the top spot, followed by Christmas flick "Elf," and video game "Fallout 76."

But Catterson said this doesn't mean Drake is suddenly no longer popular. Rather, CD-buyers are likely uploading their music and then selling the hard copy for money that they then may use to buy more music.

"I don't think Drake fans should be too worried," he said.

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