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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Tuesday, August 30, 2022:


A federal judge seemed poised to name a special master to look through the documents taken from Mar-a-Lago to pull out anything that would be protected by attorney-client privilege. The court didn't move fast enough, though; the DOJ responded that this was completed prior to the judge's order over the weekend. Meanwhile, a new CBS News/YouGov survey found that Republicans are still expected to take control of the House during November's midterm elections, but the margin of power is shrinking.
If we were the ones in charge of sorting paperwork, those documents would be sitting on our desks until the next election.


As you might have read in yesterday's Need2Know newsletter, NASA's Artemis 1 was set to launch Monday morning. Unfortunately, the flight was postponed after a series of mishaps and the discovery of an engine problem. Former astronaut Leroy Chiao talked with Cheddar News' Kristen Scholer about what went wrong. The next possible launch date is Friday.


Apple seems to be getting closer to releasing its VR/AR headset, or at least according to trademark filings for “Reality One,” “Reality Pro” and “Reality Processor” made by a shell company that is likely owned by Apple. Recent patents have suggested Apple is developing its own headset and operating system. It’s welcome news to many Web3 developers, who believe Apple’s push into the metaverse could mean more developers entering the space and building out the next iteration of the internet. 
Apple is about to take a bite out of Meta’s metaverse stake.


In a blow to abortion access and transgender health care, a federal appeals court has ruled that the U.S. government cannot require a group of Christian medical providers to perform abortions or gender transition surgeries. The decision holds that the Affordable Care Act's anti-discrimination provision does not apply in this case, saying it could violate the hospitals' religious freedom. 


While monkeypox has been prevalent among those who identify as LGBTQ, it's not exclusive to that group nor is it strictly a sexually transmitted disease. This has made addressing the outbreak a difficult balancing act for queer-centric health care providers that want to give patients the care they need without contributing to a negative stigma. Cheddar News spoke with one such group, FOLX Health, about its approach, and how it believes the country's health care system should do more for LGBTQ people.


A new cannabis product has been taking the U.S. by storm. Proponents of delta-8 THC promise a product that feels like a milder version of traditional cannabis and is also fully legal. If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it likely is. Experts like UCLA’s Ziva Cooper are calling attention to potential health risks of consuming an unregulated product that could contain contaminants. 


A new study out of Spain has successfully mapped the genome of the so-called "immortal jellyfish," a needle-sized creature known for its ability to rejuvenate cells and reproduce asexually. Once the scientists got their hands on enough of these tiny, wriggling creatures, they were able to complete the mapping, which they say could provide a window into the human aging process and even lead to learning how to extend life itself. 
Jellyfish are quite the stinging sensation.


A supermajority of Americans are concerned about climate change and support transformative policies, but most people don’t realize that. This widespread misconception could be harming efforts to meaningfully push back against climate change’s existential threat, according to a study published in Nature Communications.


SPEARS ON CONSERVATORSHIP: In a video that has since been removed from public view, Britney Spears revealed new details surrounding her 13-year conservatorship, including how her father took control of her life and career, and how her mother essentially ignored it. In better news for the pop star, Elton John and Spears' Hold Me Closer peaked at No. 1 in the iTunes store. 
2022 VMAS: The 38th annual Video Music Awards went down this past weekend in Newark, N.J.'s Prudential Center, and it was everything you might imagine the VMAs to be. There were some good performances, and a handful of controversial moments that made the night unique. Bad Bunny performed live from Yankee Stadium, and Lizzo addressed the haters in style as she accepted her Video for Good award. 
Correction: In yesterday's newsletter we said Taylor Swift won Artist of the Year. That's incorrect — she won Video of the Year. Bad Bunny actually took home the Artist of the Year award.


This is not a drill! Today marks the beginning of pumpkin spice latte season at Starbucks. We know most of you are still in bathing suit weather, but allow this news to conjure up the days of cozy sweaters and bonfires that are sure to arrive soon. The arrival of PSL season has become an unofficial celebration of fall since it first hit the menu in 2003 and the coffee chain bumped up the official launch date ahead of Labor Day a few years ago.


Multi-platinum recording artist Chingy released the lead single "Can’t Blame Me" from his forthcoming album due out next year. The rapper joined Cheddar News to talk about his first album release in over a decade. "I wanted to get back to the roots of the Chingy sound and I'm feeling good about this project."
Chingy performing in 2019. [Mindy Small/FilmMagic via Getty Images]