Hope King sat down with Amit Daryanani, Analyst at RBC Capital, to discuss Apple's growing market cap and presence in the Chinese market. The tech giant reported positive revenue growth in China after four quarters of declines in its latest earnings report. Daryanani says this region is a major part of Apple's focus, and he's optimistic because this growth was reported before the iPhone X launch. Another area Apple seems to be growing is in its services segment. Daryanani says it's the greatest virtual toll road on the planet but won't dominate profits like the iPhone does. He believes Apple lives and dies on iPhone sales. He predicts how investors will feel when Apple hits $1 trillion market cap and gives suggestions as to what the company should do with its massive cash stockpile. And should Apple buy Tesla? Daryanani says it can't hurt to have Elon Musk on your team! Plus, what Intel's acquisition of Mobileye and its partnership with AMD means for its race to catch up with Nvidia.