Kristina Hooper, Chief Global Market Strategist at Invesco, helps manage over $900 billion in assets. She discusses the vulnerability of the stock market and how dependent it is on the Trump legislative agenda. Hooper talks the VIX volatility index and whether its level should be a concern for investors. She believes that it is "unhealthily low" and that over time we will see a "gradual ratchet up of volatility." She notes last week's rise in the index after parts of the Senate's tax reform bill caused concern for investors. She discusses tax reform at large and how it very well might be the pitfall of U.S. markets. Hooper says that we're in the "Frank Underwood phase" of tax reform right now, as legislators seek to give Senators handouts in order to bring them on board with the bill. And is now a good time to get into the stock market? Hooper notes that it is always a good time to invest, adding that emerging markets and alternatives are good areas to get into for 2018.