A-BLOCK Top News: Macy's beats earnings and announces store closures The top news stories such as DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P all close at records on the very same day for the first time since 1999, Tesla Autopilot 2.0, Macy's earnings, and coding bootcamps are leading to big jobs. B-BLOCK This site a collegiate guide to life for women. Windsor Hanger, cofounder of HerCampus, on preparing college women for life after school. C-BLOCK Who’s liable when a self-driving car crashes? Kelly Bourdet, director of tech, science, and sex at Vocativ, asks the big questions. D-BLOCK How technology has changed weddings Amber Harrison, a “wedding expert,” explains. E-BLOCK This startup will invest your spare change Jennifer Barrett, chief education officer of Acorns, explains the concept. F-BLOCK More News: SpaceX wants to go to Mars SpaceX to start testing engine for Mars travel, Spotify gaming to feature video game soundtracks, Microsoft acquires live streaming service.