A-BLOCK Top News: Salesforce buys Quip The top news segment includes stories such as AMC missing earnings, Apple's Didi Investment, Theranos revealing technology, and Salesforce buying Quip. Interstitial #1- State of Venture Capital environment. B-BLOCK There's a career advice website that millennials actually love. The Muse has become millennials' favorite destination for jobs and career advice, CEO Kathryn Minshew tells us why. Interstitial #2- Love Your Melon on launching Campus Crew C-BLOCK The future of smoking marijuana will come in many different form factors. Co-Founder of Herb, Matt Gray says marijuana smokers want choices and legal suppliers are giving it to them. Interstitial #3-Krysia Lenzo on Fantasy sport sites curtail ad spending. D-BLOCK Summer skincare advice from Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop. Goops's beauty director, Jean Godfrey-June gives skincare advice for the Summer. Interstitial #4- Krysia Lenzo on earnings preview E-BLOCK Ads done right, according to a Snapchat marketing partner. Kim Perell, president Amobee (a Snapchat partner) talks about what works in digital advertising. Interstitial #5- Ryan Carson Treehouse CEO on why high profile investors invest in him F-BLOCK What to expect from Apple's next products Cult of Mac Editor Buster Hein on Apple product rumors. Interstitial #6- Hometalk platform User Base. G-BLOCK LinkedIn Announces new Video Platform. Dan Roth Executive Editor of LinkedIn announces a new video platform for LinkedIn Influencers.