A-BLOCK Top News: Time Warner buys 10% in Hulu The top news segment includes stories such as an FITBIT, GLU, AND ICE Earnings update, Netflix tax, Time Warner buying 10% stake in Hulu, Snapchat's new ads and Snapchat and NFL two year deal. Interstitial #1- Ross Levinsohn Tribune Media B-BLOCK Jon Stewart's new show probably won't be anything The Daily Show Lauren Moraski, Huffington Post's editorial director of entertainment, runs down the top entertainment news of the week. Interstitial #2- Krysia on Samsung continues curved glass phone trends. C-BLOCK This e-commerce brand thinks it figured out to compete with Amazon. Ties.com CEO Omar Sayyed says specializing in one product category and going deep in that vertical key to competing with Amazon. Interstitial #3- Kim Perell President of Amobee on Amobee's role in digital advertising. D-BLOCK This startup landed %58 million to sell t-shirts. Teespring CEO Walker Williams says selling t-shirts is big business Interstitial #4- Krysia Lenzo on Birchbox gets $15 million in lifeline. E-BLOCK There's never been an easier way to order pizza. Push For Pizaa is the Uber for Pizza Lovers Interstitial #5- Buster Hein Editor of Cult of Mac F-BLOCK This company thinks it's time to replace PowerPoint Prezi is taking the enterprise software industry by storm.