Actor Alex Russell made his way to Hollywood from Australia, where he was a staple on the film festival scene. He went on to star in the science fiction thriller, “Chronicle,” which grossed over $100 million worldwide and jump-started his Hollywood career. Alex is now making his TV debut in CBS's "S.W.A.T." He plays Jim Street, a new transfer to the LAPD. Alex tells Alyssa Julya Smith why Jim is a fun character to play, and how much research he put into his character. Being from Australia, Alex had to learn all about S.W.A.T and the LAPD, especially since his showrunners demand absolute accuracy with the show. He also talks about playing real-life character in his upcoming films “Jungle” with Daniel Radcliffe and “Only the Brave,” with Josh Brolin. He explains that playing a real character gives him a sense of pride, because he feels like he is doing telling a story that matters. “S.W.A.T” airs on CBS on Thursday nights.