With automakers committed to overhauling their fleets with electric vehicles, some are looking toward customization to separate themselves from the competition and to attract consumers.
Volkswagen, the German manufacturer is rolling out its first fully electric sedan with the Volkswagen ID.7. The car stands out with its electrical paint job that allows an owner to customize its color and glow, which is best seen at night.
Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, told Cheddar News that customization will be critical in the future of electric cars.
"There's less and less that you [ can do] to differentiate yourself so you need to look for what other features and ways that people and brands can differentiate themselves from each other," he said.
BMW also revealed a concept car, the iVision Dee,  that has electrically powered paint which allows an owner to create custom patterns and looks of their own.
For Volkswagen, pairing customization with an optimal ride is essential. The I.D.7 has a range of 435 miles. The series production version is set to go into production in Q2.