By Carlo Versano

"Avengers: Endgame," the latest Marvel juggernaut, is breaking records left and right ー from pre-sales to opening day in China ー and is now eyeing a $300 million domestic weekend box office take, which would be the biggest ever.

It's the opening salvo along with "Captain Marvel" (if you don't count the not-so-high-flying "Dumbo" remake) in a year that could itself go down in the history books for Disney ($DIS), the parent company of Marvel Studios.

Before the year is out, Disney will release "Spider-Man: Far From Home," remakes of two of its most cherished titles, "Aladdin," and "The Lion King," as well as sequels to its "Frozen" and "Toy Story" franchises. And that's before the year's real endgame ー "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," which hits theaters in time for the holidays.

2019 is an "unparalleled" year for the House of Mouse, said Eric Goldman, managing editor of entertainment news site Fandom. "I don't know how you replicate this exact moment."

And in addition to all of that, Disney will debut one of the biggest bets yet on the future of entertainment: Disney+, its Netflix competitor. Disney shares are up 27 percent so far this year in anticipation of these deliverables.

Goldman said he expects Disney will break a record of its own along the way ー the studio with the most films to hit $1 billion in ticket sales. Endgame, which reportedly cost around $400 million to make, may be the quickest to the billion-dollar finish line if the early tracking numbers hold through the weekend.

"The expectations for this movie are insane," he said.

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