When you live in a city it can be difficult to manage a furry friend. Apartments mean limited space for play, which often means an increased need for time outside. A group of neighbors noticed this struggle, and decided to create their own solution. Barkly Pets is a dog-walking and dog-sitting app available in New York, DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. David Comiskey is a co-founder of Barkly Pets and he joins Cheddar to explain how his product is different from Wag and Rover. Comiskey says that Barkly is custom-tailored. If you want to work exclusively with a particular walker, you can do that! If you are interested in finding a walker who works exclusively with French bulldogs, you can do that too! Comiskey himself owns a husky in D.C. The platform vets dog walkers with a three-step vetting process. Walkers also get 80% of the fees and get injury insurance coverage up to $25,000.