Super Bowl Sunday is once again here, and football fans are lining up their own snack menus. While experienced party planners likely have their own tried-and-true staples, Chef Bret Lunsford of Blue Smoke, a high-end BBQ joint in Manhattan, has some tips for how to mix it up. 
Tip number 1: Focus on the finger food. 
 "You really want to make it fun for everybody," he said. "You want to be able to get your hands in there, so lots of finger foods."
Tip number 2: Provide a good mix of both vegetable and meat options. 
"You can't go wrong with carrots or a nice piece of broccoli," he said, especially with some blue cheese or ranch dip on the side for dipping. 
Tip number 3: Feel free to order out, just do it in a timely fashion. 
Lunsford noted that ordering wings to-go, for example, is relatively affordable this season, given the recent price decrease in poultry products.  
"For a while we definitely saw a lot of inflation, but we've seen prices starting to balance out," he said. "So things are coming back to normal, and it's super great."