By Chloe Aiello

Singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha won't apologize for her art.

"You can't always make safe art. I'd rather make things that are risky and that can change music and say something than make anything safe in my life," she told Cheddar on Friday.

Her latest risk was the racy music video for her latest single, "Last Hurrah." The video, which depicts Rexha engaging in or alluding to various vices, like sex, partying, and food, already has more than 10 million views since its Feb. 21 premiere, but not all of the attention has been good. Rexha shared on social media that her father disapproved of the video, and she also said YouTube flagged it as "sensitive" content.

But Rexha isn't sorry.

"I don't ever want to regret anything or be old one day and be like, 'oh I wish I'd taken that risk," she said. "For me, that's how I live my life."

Rexha is also mixing her love of her art, with her love of food through a new partnership with PepsiCo-owned ($PEP) Lay's. Together they released three new brands of potato chips, inspired by genres of music. The "electric lime sea salt" flavor, is "fresh and light" like pop music, Rexha said, while the "flamin' hot dill pickle remix" flavor is "spicy," she said like hip-hop. But Rexha's favorite has to be the "classic beer cheese," which she said reminds her of rock.

To promote the release of the new flavors, she also released a single, called "Right Here, Right Now," that she remixed three different ways to correspond with the different flavors of chips.

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