RYOT director Angel Manuel Soto discusses the crisis in Puerto Rico, from the territory's $70 billion debt to the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. Soto notes that when combined with the debt issue, the hurricanes were literally the perfect storm, and the nation faces a very steep uphill battle to tackle both. Soto discusses the corruption in the Puerto Rican government, which led to the debt crisis, adding that those in charge took advantage of the people they were charged with protecting. We also speak with Soto about the bipartisan PROMESA legislation that President Obama signed into law, which obligates Puerto Rico to pay back the government no matter what. We talk about the difficulties the bill places on the Puerto Rican people. When asked whether he thinks Obama would have handled the situation differently than Trump, Soto says the Democrat may have been warmer, but points out Puerto Ricans have been treated like second class citizens for many years. Puerto Rico is not a state, but a U.S. territory, and even though citizens are Americans, they cannot vote for the president of the United States.