Ben Bradlee earned the moniker of America's most dangerous editor during his tenure as executive editor of The Washington Post. Bradlee's wife, Sally Quinn, and director John Maggio join Cheddar to discuss HBO's new documentary, "The Newspaperman: The Life and Times of Ben Bradlee." The documentary traces Bradlee's career as he oversaw coverage of Watergate and the Pentagon Papers.

Maggio and Quinn consider why the documentary is so relevant in today's political and media climates. Quinn reveals what her husband would have to say about the current administration, given his reputation as a champion of truth and the First Amendment. She also speculates on what he'd have to say about the president's frequent use of Twitter.

The documentary isn't Bradlee's only turn in the spotlight this year. Tom Hanks stars as the iconic journalist in the upcoming Steven Spielberg movie, "The Post." Quinn and Maggio reveal the differences in how the documentary and the movie portray Bradlee's story.