Beth Grant is a seasoned actress who has appeared in more than 70 films. She is well-known for her roles on "Little Miss Sunshine" and "The Mindy Project." Grant sits down with Alyssa Julya Smith in Los Angeles to talk about her latest passion project "Lucky" and it's importance in celebrating the life of character actor Harry Dean Stanton.

"Lucky" was Stanton's last film before he died in September at 91 years old and has been described as a "love letter" to the life and times of the actor. Grant also discusses that character actors, who are known for their standout supporting roles, were all given lead parts in this new film as a celebration of the genius and authenticity character actors bring to the table.

Grant is known for her ability to "disappear into her character" as she plays a variety of roles in both comedy and drama. She talks about what she learned from Mindy Kaling about comedy while working on "The Mindy Project," including the idea that you don't have to stick to the script word-for-word on every take.