Amazon is joining forces with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase to bring their employees better and cheaper healthcare. The three companies will start an independent company focused on technology that will make the healthcare system more efficient. Details are scarce as plans are still in the early stages.

EasyJet CEO Johan Lungren is cutting his salary to match that of his female predecessor. His initial pay was reportedly over $1 million but he's subtracting $50,000 to make things equal. The UK airline chief says he wants to show his personal commitment to the cause. On average, the company has a 52% difference between male and female salaries.

Actor Jeff Hiller is stepping into the critically-acclaimed off-Broadway solo show "Bright Colors and Bold Patterns." He joins Cheddar to discuss how he'll put his own personal spin on the production. This comes as creator Drew Droege is taking the production on tour.

Plus, Chat Sports CEO and Founder James Yoder gives his take on the Cleveland Indians' decision to do away with their controversial logo. The Chief Wahoo logo will no longer be on team uniforms or signage starting 2019. Yoder also breaks down the big storylines heading into the Super Bowl.