Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man, spoke at the Economic Club of Washington Thursday night, on the heels of announcing his first major philanthropic gift. Bezos said Pres. Trump was wrong to attack the media, and that the Washington Post, which he owns, was not at war with the administration. He also confirmed the location for Amazon's second headquarters, HQ2, would be announced by year's end, though he didn't hint at the location. Bezos and his wife, Mackenzie, announced their first major foray into philanthropic giving on Thursday with the creation of the Day One Fund. The initial $2 billion gift will be split between services for the homeless and the creation of a network of Montesorri-like free preschools in under-served neighborhoods around the country. Bezos, who famously did not sign the "giving pledge" that he would give away the majority of his wealthy in his lifetime, had solicited ideas on Twitter for charitable giving last year.