With the price of Bitcoin hitting yet another milestone this week, more people are looking to get in on the action. Pop star Katy Perry posted a picture with Billionaire investor Warren Buffett on Instagram. The caption said "NBD asking Warren Buffett his thoughts on cryptocurrency." On Tuesday, shares of Bitcoin dropped, after topping $11,000. But Forbes' Contributor Naeem Aslam remains bullish on the cryptocurrency, saying Bitcoin could reach $14,000 as early as mid-2018. Aslam says when Bitcoin surpassed the $10,000 mark this week it was a critical moment for investors. Aslam says he expects volatility this month after this milestone hit, because many investors are questioning whether to cash in now. On Wednesday, Nasdaq announced it will begin offering futures contracts on Bitcoin next year. Aslam says this is a sign there is true demand for Bitcoin, and institutional investors are waiting to get a piece of this cryptocurrency. But this increased demand can also lead to increased volatility, he warns.