The second-largest stablecoin — a cryptocurrency that is pegged to a fiat currency — USCD depegged from the dollar, hitting an all-time low of around 88 cents over the weekend. While the coin has rebounded, it's still hovering just below the peg and could face additional volatility amid the ongoing collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. USCD reportedly held a significant amount of reserves at the embattled bank.
The FDA has approved a new nasal spray for adults who suffer migraines. Pfizer said the spray, called Zavzpret, is considered a rapid rescue treatment and could relieve migraine pain within 15 minutes. The spray is also an alternative for people who have heart disease and other conditions that are preventing them from safely using other migraine treatments.
Scream VI topped the charts this weekend with $44.5 million dollars in ticket sales. It's the best debut in the franchise's history and a surprise box office success in the usually quiet month of March. The film follows the survivors of the last spate of Ghostface murders as they pursue a fresh start in New York City. Last year, the fifth Scream entry made about $30 million in ticket sales over a four-day holiday weekend